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Wireless Access Point Installation

Wi-Fi is a very important component of any broadband connection and is quite often unreliable, or struggles to give good coverage around different building construction types and sizes.
Buildings with very thick walls means that generally WiFi will struggle to reach every room giving poor or intermittent performance for internet browsing.


Data Cable Installation

Although historically used in a business environment, the flexibility of structured cabling is also becoming far more appropriate within a domestic environment, as more and more home based devices are internet accessible. The reliability of a wired connection is a strong selling point over wi-fi, with most devices allowing either a wired or wireless connection to broadband.

Now that fibre to the home broadband connections are being more common, the need for a network that can make full use of the broadband speed being provided is now more important than ever before.
With a well-designed network, phone wiring within a property is not required, as it can just be patched to any point on the network. This reduces the possibility of both broadband and phone line faults due to the simplicity, as well as making fault finding easier for engineers.

Another benefit of a structured wiring network is the ability use it to add additional WiFi access points/hotspots to any area of a property that cannot be normally reach by a typical broadband router.


Fibre Optic Cable Installation and Termination

With the constraints of a data connection only being allow to run up to a maximum of 100 metres over a copper cable, fibre optic allows for connections up to any distance without loss of signal.
This maybe the best option to connect outbuildings, secondary connections within a larger site, or even just a office at the bottom of a long garden!
We carry all the tooling required to install and terminate all types of fibre optic cable


Digital Voice Wiring Conversion

Now that analogue telephone lines are starting to be converted over to digital voice, a lot of service providers are wrongly advising customers that their telephone extension wiring will not be able to be reused.
This is not the case, so we are happy to visit to complete a simple conversion job which will allow all your sockets to work as normal meaning telephones connected will function the same.
Please note, older telephones using pulse or loop dialling will not work on digital voice unfortunately.


Broadband Setup Repair & Optimisation

For those with little, or no technical knowledge, who just want to get online with the least amount of hassle, I can setup their broadband connection altering or installing additional connection points in a property to give the best signal whether it be on Ethernet, or over Wi-Fi.
Before contacting the service provider, I can check the entire broadband setup up to the Openreach network entry point. From experience, a good proportion of broadband issues can be traced and resolved at the end users premises without the need to contact the service provider.


Phone line faults and alterations

Phone line faults more often than not have a detrimental effect on broadband services, and are almost always linked. Customers often believe that any phone line issue, whether it be in the outside network, or in their internal wiring or setup, must be resolved by Openreach. This is a common misconception, and only the network back to the exchange from the end user’s point of entry is their responsibility. If a Openreach engineer is despatched, and finds any fault within the curtilage of a property, then a substantial charge is applied.
I provide a full faulting location service, proving whether the issue is within the customer’s own property, (which I can generally fix on the day), or within the external Openreach network, in which case a fault report will need to be raised with the customer’s service provider.


Starlink Satellite Broadband Installation and Setup

Areas in remote locations not able to receive fast broadband connection, either fibre or copper can now benefit from high speed connection using the Starlink satellite broadband system. As long as a property has a clear unobstructed view of the sky then the system can be easily installed in a short time. Another benefit of Starlink is there are no minimum contract periods, so if fibre broadband becomes available in the future in a remote area then the account can be cancelled without exit penalties.

MPH Telecom does not directly supply the equipment, this must be ordered by the customer from

We're happy to take on any project, no matter how large or small. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!

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