• Over 15 Years Experience

    I was a customer service engineer at BT Openreach for over 10 years. This experience has allowed me to provide a service at the highest standard, whilst providing a more affordable and direct service without going through a call centre, often the cause of much customer frustration.

  • Covering Somerset’s Needs

    I provide solutions for broadband, wi-fi & telecom issues to both domestic and business clients throughout Somerset. I also extend my expertise to West Dorset and East Devon.

  • Reliable Service, Sensible Prices

    I am very customer focused, meaning I will spend time listening to what your needs are, and provide solutions to achieve them. I will work around your schedule to offer a dependable service at an affordable price.

Quick Biog

My name is Mark Hawks and I worked as a Customer service engineer at BT Openreach for over 10 years, leaving the company in October 2015. Towards the end of my time at BT I felt that the company had lost focus on customer service. This ultimately led me down the path of running my own business. I aim to offer the highest standard of work whilst providing a reliable service to my domestic and business customers.

Customer focused
I am very customer focused, taking time to speak to people to gather as much information about how any problem has developed and what symptoms they are experiencing.
Experience Gained
Most of the technical knowledge gained has been self-taught through actual experience of customer broadband faults, as well as shared knowledge between myself and my colleagues.
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Wi-Fi Network Optimisation/ Access Points Installed