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Here are the key services that I provide to both domestic and business customers. Get to know more about the services I offer and how these can benefit you.

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  • Wi-Fi Network Optimisation/ Access Points Installed

    Wi-Fi is a very important component of any broadband connection and is quite often unreliable, or struggles to give good coverage around different building construction types and sizes.

    Buildings with very thick walls means that generally WiFi will struggle to reach every room giving poor or intermittent performance for internet browsing.



    • WiFi problems diagnosed and solutions found
    • Additional WiFi hotspots installed to extend coverage
    • Complete WiFi networks, designed and installed
    I can give advice about where to locate existing equipment to provide the best coverage within your property, or install additional connection points to relocate the wireless router should this be necessary. I also carry specialist test equipment to identify potential interference issues with other WiFi signals in the locality. With this information I can give suitable advice as to how to resolve the problem, or potentially add additional WiFi access points. I can design and install a comprehensive on site WiFi network at your premises to enable a strong connection throughout the property including any outbuildings not connected to main broadband connection. These can be spread throughout a property to give widespread coverage and seamless WiFi connectivity, meaning no loss of connection.
  • Broadband Setup Repair & Optimisation

    For those with little, or no technical knowledge, who just want to get online with the least amount of hassle, I can setup their broadband connection altering or installing additional connection points in a property to give the best signal whether it be on Ethernet, or over Wi-Fi.

    Before contacting the service provider, I can check the entire broadband setup up to the BT network entry point. From experience, a good proportion of broadband issues can be traced and resolved at the end users premises without the need to contact the service provider.


    • Broadband issues diagnosed and resolved, or proven to BT network
    • Full setup and demonstration for those will limited technical experience
    • Home environment setup checked and altered for optimal broadband performance
    If BT books an engineer visit, and the issue is found to be within the user’s curtilage, then a large charge is normally applied. If I prove the issue into BT’s network, I can supply a temporary internet connection using mobile broadband until the connection is fixed permanently. This will be charged at a daily rental Broadband speeds can be significantly improved by ensuring the optimal setup of equipment at the end users premises. Unnecessary or sub-standard internal wiring can cause major problems, and by making some very small changes, the speed and quality of the connection can be massively boosted.
  • Structured Cabling, Installation & Testing

    Although predominantly used in a business environment, the flexibility of structured cabling is also becoming more appropriate within a domestic environment, as more and more home based devices are internet accessible. The reliability of a wired connection is a strong selling point over Wi-Fi, with most devices allowing either a wired or wireless connection to broadband.
    With a well-designed network, phone wiring within a property is not required, as it can just be patched to any point on the network. This reduces the possibility of both broadband and phone line faults due to the simplicity, as well as making fault finding easier for engineers.

    Another benefit of a structured wiring network is the ability use it to add additional WiFi access points/hotspots to any area of a property that cannot be normally reach by a typical broadband router.


    • Full testing of every cable installed using the latest test equipment
    • Additional network points installed at a fixed price on existing sites
    • Structured cabling faults, located and fixed
    I can provide either a new network in a new or existing property, be it business or domestic. Full testing of every cable install will also be carried out, and results available to the customer. For existing sites with structured cabling networks already in place, I offer installation of additional network points at a fixed price. For installations already cabled by a third party, but not tested, I offer a full testing service using the latest test equipment. Any faults highlighted can be quickly resolved before the network goes live, reducing the risk of problems affecting customer operation. For any network with structured cabling faults, I provide a fault finding and fixing service. Once any faults are located, I will consult with the customer the best course of action to take, whether it be renewal of the affected cable if appropriate, or a permanent fix without renewal. With the internet being used by more and more everyday items around the home, the need for a robust network within a domestic setting is becoming increasingly important. Building a new home? Contact us to design and install a comprehensive home network which will make the property fit for the future!
  • Phone line faults and alterations

    Phone line faults more often than not have a detrimental effect on broadband services, and are almost always linked. Customers often believe that any phone line issue, whether it be in the outside network, or in their internal wiring or setup, must be resolved by BT. This is a common misconception, and only the network back to the exchange from the end user’s point of entry is their responsibility. If a BT engineer is despatched, and finds any fault within the curtilage of a property, then a substantial charge is applied.
    I provide a full faulting location service, proving whether the issue is within the customer’s own property, (which I can generally fix on the day), or within the external BT network, in which case a fault report will need to be raised with the customer’s service provider.


    • Noisy or dead line fixed, or proven into BT network
    • Existing cabling relocated to accomodate building or decoration works
    • Unsightly or redundant cables removed or relocated
    Providing this service will reduce substantially the possibility of the customer receiving a bill from BT, as faults in their network are NOT chargeable to the end user. Often, particularly during building or decoration works to a property, there is a requirement to relocate, and even re-install telephone wiring either temporarily, or permanently. Being an ex BT engineer, I have had a lot experience of customer’s frustration trying to get this work done by their service providers, as generally the call centres struggle to understand that if the line is working, then what is required. I offer a full cabling alteration service, giving free advice, and a fixed price for any works carried out to accommodate the phone /broadband connection during building works. Although less common these days due to advances in technology reducing the need for many phone extensions within a property, sometimes the need does arise for extra telephone sockets to be installed particularly for alarm systems, and sometimes for garages or home offices. I can install and test any phone extension wiring, making sure all cabling is provided neatly and unobtrusively as possible. As well as installing new extensions, I can tidy up existing extension wiring which commonly has various unused parts, adding to the possible locations for faults.