I have a crackling noise on my line, what could be causing this?

A noisy line is almost always caused by connection in the line feeding your property starting to go faulty. Common factors include damp sockets, damage to cables, overhead lines rubbing against tree branches, and corroded connections. Usually the noise will get progressively worse over time and in some cases, lead to the line going completely dead. To establish whether this fault is outside in the BT network, or inside your premises, it is important to try and isolate everything within the property.
This can easily be achieved if you have a master socket with a split front, by plugging a telephone into the test socket. If the noise has disappeared then the fault is certainly within your property. Contact me to locate and repair the fault, or if you don’t have a split front master. I can prove if the fault is internal or external.
A visit from BT/Openreach will be charged at up to £130 just to prove it into your wiring with an additional charge to repair. If the noise is still present in the test socket, then the issue is likely to be within the BT network. It is still worth contacting me for advice or a visit as sometimes the fault will still be within your property and potentially chargeable.